Ottawa, Ontario


Antigen Shift have been there right from the start at the first Saturation Bombing and we're excited to have them back! 

Antiegen Shift was started by Nick Thériault when he began experimenting with electronic sounds in 2000, combining world beat music with haunting, sometimes distorted, rhythmic, richly-textured soundscapes. 

Primary Causation was released in 2001, a limited edition CD that was sold at the first installment of the Providence Noise festival. The same year, Conjugate was released on UK label fleshmadeword; a split with UK band Detritus. Implicit Structures, the first Antigen Shift full length CD was released on Frozen Empire Media. Several live shows were played in support of the CD, including dates with Gridlock and the Swedish sensation Tarmvred.


In 2003, Antigen Shift released a split recording with fellow Canadian band Iszoloscope. In 2004, Belgium-based Spectre Records released This Moment of Cold remembering, the band's first vinyl recording (a bonus 7" record called Re-surface). In 2004, Frozen Empire Media released the EP Next to Departed which used piano and synthesized melodies. In 2006, Antigen Shift's second full-length album, The Way of the North, was released on Ad Noiseam. In 2006, Antigen Shift playing several live dates in support of TWOTN, including participation at the 2006 Providence Noise fest, several European dates in Germany, Austria and Greece, as well as the annual Maschinenfest festival in Krefeld, and finally the Indoctrination festival in Chicago.


In 2009, Jairus Khan of Ad·ver·sary joined Antigen Shift after performing a number of live dates together in their hometown of Ottawa. The pair began writing collaboratively, each bringing a new perspective to the other's music. They played a much-talked-about show together at Montreal's Festival Kinetik, using the last five minutes of their set to draw attention to the use of racist and sexist lyrics and imagery in mainstream industrial music -- We Demand Better can be seen on Vimeo:


The album "Brotherhood" on Signifier marked the first Antigen Shift album jointly produced by Thériault and Khan. It was inspired by three takes on the concept of "brotherhood": their work together, the industrial music community, and Thériault's military experience.





Beloved by iconic figures like Wikileaks' Julian Assange and Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, David Thrussell is a true antipodean subterranean. Provocative and controversial, Thrussell has carved an epic underground career as an electronic musician, film composer, filmmaker and writer. Working with electro-conspiracy-pop as Snog, hauntological-avant-club-electronics as Black Lung or in numerous other guises, Thrussell has played with Kraftwerk, remixed Aphex Twin, headlined festivals as far-afield as Poland and Japan and performed in East German castles and Roman amphitheatres.

Though at home in the shadows, his Black Lung project is not without notable successes. Early Black Lung albums were edgy club chart hits in France, Italy and other European territories, one of the the most recent Black Lung albums (Muzak From The Hive Mind - released on the German Ant-Zen label) debuted at #1 in the European Alternative Charts and across 2018 Black Lung headlined major European festival dates.

Black Lung brings an abrasive sensibility, dystopian soundscapes, jaundiced beats and a subterranean edge of satire to sometimes dark, sometimes joyful instrumental electronic compositions. May 2019 saw the release of an impressive new Black Lung album 'The Great Manipulator' on U.S. label Metropolis Records and September the 'NXIVM' album on Ant-Zen. Both painting cinematic symphonies wrought with subtle powernoise, eerie electro and uneasy ambience - in vivid colours that explored magic, control, power, stealth and philosophy.

2019 also saw Black Lung s

ear the renowned Dark Mofo festival in Hobart, Tasmania and 'The Great Manipulator' nominated for the prestigious AMP (Australian Music Prize) for best Australian album of 2019.    



Chicago, Illinois


Chicago's Death of Self caught the attention of Bugs Crawling Out of People in 2012 and the debut album "Embracing the Things We Hate About Ourselves" was released shortly after. Death of Self went on to release two more albums in the next year, the remix album "Accepting the Truth" and "Desensitized to Contemporary Proprieties" which contained two new tracks. After a six-year hiatus, Death of Self returned to Bugs Crawling Out of People in late 2019 with the album "There's No Going Back".    

Death of Self's albums:



United Kingdom

ESA - JAME 2.jpg
ESA - JAME 1.jpg

ESA was born in 2002 in order to cross the threshold from one genre of extreme music to another.

Engineer of this electronic inferno, Jamie Blacker, up until this point had been writing music semi-professionally for years in the UK Black / Death metal circle, touring and recording alongside some of the genres elite.

Having decided to experiment in dark electronics, ESA’s heavy, rhythmic style has since become rooted at the forefront of the harsh industrial / power electronics scene, predominantly owing to slews of powerful and engaging live shows all over the globe and 9 well received, critically acclaimed albums.

Taking influences initially from rhythmical noise acts, Blacker’s sound structures have developed and integrated countless influences from the broad spectrum of alternative and extreme music. The tone of ESA is harsh and oppressive, dripping with destructive and corroded grooves whilst still emanating deep melody and a strong sense of spirituality. ESA is Electronic Substance Abuse!



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


A previous Toronto local, Marty now resides back in far off and desolate Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Famine has made a strong name for himself in the Toronto breakcore community with highly energetic bombasts of noise and complex breakbeats with a strong black metal influence.



Amsterdam, Netherlands


Yann Faussurier has been with TiK since the very beginning! Originally from Ottawa, Canada Faussurier now resides in Amsterdam, relocating there after years in Montreal. He has been making music under the moniker Iszoloscope since 1999, originally founded as a collaboration in 1999, Iszoloscope became Faussurier’s solo project in 2001.  Iszoloscope crafts pulsing, pounding soundscapes with a core of industrial, hard-core, break-core and rhythmic noise layered with intelligent and often surprising details, such as melodic percussions and carefully placed breaks, rich, orchestral textures and dark, cinematic distortions. Experimental in nature and charged with energy, the music evokes a darkness, tension and atmosphere which immediately carries the listener away on an immersive, complex journey of introspection. 

The project has amassed an impressive oeuvre: 7 full-length albums on European labels Ant-Zen and Spectre, 8 successful tours in Europe and North America, several EPs and collaborations, a long list of remixes and compilations, and appearances at shows and festivals around the world, including a regular spot on the lineup at Germany’s Maschinenfest. In recent years, Iszoloscope's live and studio lineup has also included Shane Whitbread, Guillaume Nadon and Frédéric Scarfone.    



Edmonton, Alberta


iVardensphere plays a hypnotic mixture of tribal-tinged industrial, EBM and power noise music. Their stage show incorporates various types of drums, and is a site to behold! Their members include Scott Fox, Chuck Murphy, Daniel St-Pierre, Jamie Blacker from ESA, and Jairus Khan from Ad·ver·sary/Antigen Shift.



London, UK


Matt Hart is a industrial musician and DJ from London, UK with strong ties to Toronto - having played his debut live show in 2017 at Nocturne. Powerful beats, heavy riffs and a energetic stage show will make him another welcome addition to this amazing festival.

Strangely (and awesomely!) with a strong background of violin and viola, Matt has sought to mix that into a post-sci-fi apocalyptic world infused Industrial sound. He has put out 6 full-length albums including the newly released Tales of Terra: Triolith.



Toronto, Ontario & Kansas City, Missouri


NWvic is Nerve War (Brandon Duncan) vs it-clings (Squid), formed in 2018. Their debut release "Endless Meaningless Unhelpful and Uncalled for Drivel" was critically slammed by the German musical press mainly because the Germans don't have a sense of humour and can't understand the biting stylish satirical social commentary and absurdist self deprecating nihilism that's really just more biting stylish satirical social commentary disguised as psychopathic nonsense. Germans... They think they understand nihilism, but they don't and maybe never really truly did. Anyway, some people get NWvic but it probably isn't you. The album was not universally panned. The people who like it think it's amazing. It's really an acquired taste... like fermented tofu. 'What the fuck is Fermented Tofu', you ask? Don't try it. You won't like it.



Kansas City, Missouri


Red Market is one of the many projects of Brandon Duncan (Nerve War) from Kansas City, Missouri. Inspired by the sounds of early Industrial and Dark Electronics along the lines of Front Line Assembly and die Krupps; it delves into the realms of mind control cults and twisted celebrity cabals... "mind control, and the like give it a distinct yet eerie cast." - I Die:You Die Zine.


Toronto, Ontario


Described by i die:you die as music that incorporates 'cicada-like clicks trickling through soupy pads' with 'discordant breaks and pinched waveforms', Shimmer Crush merges influences of IDM, minimal techno, soundtracks, industrial, post rock, ambient and experimental electronics to create thoughtful sound. 'Emotive and translucent, solemn and surreal......minute glitch tentacles sway back and forth in an enigmatic haze.' (igloo magazine)



Toronto, Ontario


In February 2019, Trick Casket released 'Misery', an album created by founder/vocalist Connor Grant over two years, as a means of expressing his battles with anxiety and depression.

The project soon evolved from recordings to the live stage with a series of solo performances, followed in mid-2019 by a now expanded line up of drummer Ryan Parker and guitarist Nick Cassidy. Within a few months, the trio had developed a significant following in the underground Toronto Goth and Industrial scene as a live act, being joined onstage on occasion by Die Mannequin. Soon they were being selected as support for such acts as Skold, Stoneburner, and Echo Black.

Early 2020 saw them return to the studio to complete the follow up to 2019s Misery, with an album of all new material titled 'The Exit Wound,' which they intend to release in the Fall shortly before their appearance at Saturation Bombing 3 festival.



Washington, USA    

worms of the earth1.jpg
worms of the earth2.jpg

Worms of the Earth is the esoteric industrial and ritual ambient solo project of Dan Barrett from Washington, DC, USA. Since 2007 it has played numerous shows & festivals across North America and has released 5 albums + 4 EPs on labels including Tympanik Audio, Zazen Sounds, and Bugs Crawling Out Of People, along with numerous compilation and remix appearances. Each release creates an arcane framework with which to explore the darkness of the human psyche while reaching towards ascended states of being.  



Ottawa, Ontario


Encephalon was formed in 2005 in Ottawa, Canada by Alis Alias, Matt Gifford, and Sam Mainer and self-released a number of demos before getting the attention of labels, most notably the German label Dependent (who put out the band’s first commercially available track), and Artoffact Records, who released the band’s debut, The Transhuman Condition. That record went on to receive album of the year nods on music blog I Die: You Die, who noted that Encephalon are “squarely ahead of most of their peers.”

After an eventful half-decade spent playing gigs and festivals, Encephalon returned with their third record, a double-album of stupendous, incredibly well-conceived music. The new album continued to inspire and awe fans of cyberpunk industrial, while still drawing on the epic mixture of symphonic-metal, EBM, and, yes, Meatloaf, that everyone has come to love.



Toronto, Ontario


A long time Toronto staple, Scrape was formed in 1993 and have been performing consistently through that time, with a hybrid of industrial and EBM. They've got a great high energy, high aggressive sound.