Saturation Bombing 3 is the third installment of the Saturation Bombing series started by TiK in the early 2000's.

Some history:

TiK, the Toronto Industrial Kollective, was founded by DJ Squid, in 2001. TiK ran from 2001 to 2004 and featured over 70 different events in the Toronto area, with over 45 DJs being involved and putting on such shows as Saturation Bombing 1 & 2, [tik] co:man:d [sic] as well as individual concerts featuring such artists as Tarmvred, Death Line Int'l, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, Sino, l'ombre, Black Lung, Funker Vogt, Antigen Shift, and more.

TiK's ideology was a simple one: To oppose mainstream culture and the onslaught of mainstream music. TiK hoped to expand musical appreciation, exposing people to more and more music. The more music you hear, the more you'll appreciate all music. TiK did this while promoting and developing people's appreciation of a wide range of industrial music, music that broke out beyond the concept of a dance club, through events, reviews, and a culture. Their goals were not based upon reasonable business sense, but rather, a fanatical devotion to the music itself. TiK promoted concerts within the Toronto area and branched into companion projects TiKdistro and TiK Recordings. TiKdistro hoped to increase the availability of Industrial music within the Toronto area, having found the scene to be lacking in the variety of music for sale. They sold music at events, and through mail-order, and sought to fill what they found to be a definite vacuum in their scene. TiK Recordings released companion albums for their Saturation Bombing series.

TiK started the Saturation Bombing series in 2003, holding four single nights over four months, featuring local Ontario bands such as Prospero, Displacer, Liar's Rosebush, Antigen Shift, s:cage, Iszoloscope, and Skeeter.

In 2004, they expanded the series to Saturation Bombing 2, a three-night music festival featuring such bands as Iszoloscope, Pneumatic Detach, C2, Horchata, Aidan Baker, This Morn' Omina, Ah Cama-Sotz, Empusae, Needle Sharing, Larvae, Mono No Aware, Scrap.edx (w/ Liar's Rosebush), Re-Agent, and Prospero. It was a great success!

After the end of TiK, Squid moved on to form the record label Bugs Crawling out of People, while RaZoRGrrL ran the distribution wing of TiK, TiKdistro, until 2008, and continued to DJ and do online radio beyond that.

Bugs Crawling out of People continued in the same vein as TiK in that it offered a wide range of Industrial sounds in its catalogue, unconcerned by popular trends. Squid and bcp moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in an ill-thought-out move and returned to Toronto in 2019 after ten years away. With his return to Toronto, the spark to revive the concept of the Saturation Bombing festival was ignited, and doing it in conjuncture with a temporary revival of TiK seemed only fitting!

bcp: http://www.bugscrawlingoutofpeople.com/

RaZoRGrrL: http://www.razorgrrl.com/