Saturation Bombing Festival


We've been putting this off, but it's now time to face reality.

With COVID-19, the idea of future planning is really difficult. Saturation Bombing 3, as we intended it, is not going to happen. The idea that we could get all the international acts here and play in a packed venue seems like an impossibility now. We had hoped, when we announced Saturation Bombing 3, to have months to plan and months to promote it. Now with each day that passes, we lose time. We haven't been able to sell tickets, we haven't been able to continue promoting; we haven't even been able to plan out how much tickets could cost, since we don't know what capacity the venue would be able to hold, if any.

We've decided not to hold this up in the air any longer.

We are officially cancelling Saturation Bombing 3.

We've decided not to reschedule the event for a date in the future right now, since we have no idea when a suitable date might be.

We have immense gratitude for all the bands and our followers, and we thank you for your support.

- squid & razorgrrl

August 5, 2020


April 11  More Bands Announced

So obviously, the status of Saturation Bombing 3 is currently in a state of limbo, due to the current events in the world. A lot of festivals and events have been canceled, but we're hoping that by October things will be at a point where we can safely run SB3 and everything will be fine. Positive thinking!

With that in mind, we have announced more bands that will hopefully be taking part, so we all have something to look forward to! We welcome Antigen Shift,  Scrape, Matt Hart, and Encephalon to our lineup.

And be sure to visit our new BAND page and MUSIC page!

March 4  SB3 Press

Our first press about SB3! Check out Brutal Resonance webzine for all their reviews and listings. If you didn't find out about SB3 here, you may have missed out, but wouldn't have if you had seen it there! Check it out here

Feb 28  Facebook Event

SB3 official Facebook event created! Make sure to join the event, click here 

Feb 28  Bandcamp Album


SB3 official Bandcamp preview album created! With Saturation Bombing 3 just announced, we have released a compilation of all the acts that will perform. It's a pay what you want, or pay zero, download. As more bands are added more tracks will be added. Click here